I felt as though fate did not allow me to attend my 2nd Vipassana course.

In May 2016, I was due to serve in Dhamma Schpala, Phillipines but ended up in a motorcycle accident in Bali 2 weeks before.

In Sept 2016, I suffered a mysterious insect bite infection on my nape and my skin was peeling off just a month before Vipassana course in Dhamma Sikhara, Dharamshala. I was almost sent back home.

Therefore it was by grace and fortune, that I am finally able to attend Vipassana again and deepen my practise.  I hope these writings will inspire you to experience Vipassana.

These posts are dedicated to the teachings of the Buddha, Goenka ji, and the line of teachers who maintained Vipassana in its purity.


Day 1 Now, You are Complete.

Day 2 All things shall pass..


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