Truth About


My Journey


I wasn’t always like this.

Smiles did not come easy to me. Shouts and criticisms were what I was used to, growing up.

It wasn’t that my family was to blame. Maybe it was nature. I was a world-hating, angsty, self deprecating and materialistic teenager.

Then perhaps due to past karma, I was coerced into Yoga by my father in hope that it would heal my poor constitution.

From then on, Yoga had aided me in unimaginable ways. It reminded me that there was more than the materialistic world when I was in the corporate rat race for 5 years. It reminded me to prioritize principles above all else, to never give your power to anyone. It helped me to strike a balance between chasing the Sales numbers every month and maintaining Yams and Niyams (social and moral rules of conduct of Yoga).

I had a taste of peace, and wanted more. 

My curiosity led me to many parts of India, and in Paramanand Yoga Institute of Science and Research, Indore India, I studied Traditional Yoga and witnessed many people who could not be healed by modern Western medicine got relief from common ailments like slipped disc, cervical spondylitis, migraine, diabetes and such through Yoga therapy.

The more I journeyed outwards in search of answers, the more I realised that the answers were always and have been within. We are always looking for things outside to make us happy, when all that can truly make us happy is inside. The art of happiness is simple, one have to just learn how to Be.