Prakriti – Demystifying this ancient Sanskrit Word

As the famous Greek aphorism goes, “Know Thyself”. The ancient science of Ayurveda  allows you to know your Prakriti (your natural constitution) and make adjustments to your diet and lifestyle to stay in health.


Know Thy Nature

According to Ayurveda, your basic constitution is determined at the point of conception. This constitution is called Prakriti. The term Prakriti is a Sanskrit word that means, “nature,” “creativity,” or “the first creation.” This natural constitution is fixed throughout your entire lifetime.

Your Prakriti is unique to yourself, just like your DNA. You have a unique combination of Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas which explains why you react differently from others when exposed to the same situation.


Why Do We Fall Sick?

To be in ideal health of your body, mind and soul, your current constitution should remain in your Prakriti. However, due to the constant interaction with your environment your constitution changes to adapt to a dynamic equilibrium. The farther your current constitution is away from your Prakriti, the more the imbalance (Vikriti) and the more you are in ill health.

For instance, when you eat spicy food, your body temperature will increase and the body produces sweat to cool your body down. This small Vikriti is easily manageable when we are healthy. If we continue to eat spicy food every day and the Vikriti becomes too wide, our bodies fall sick as it is not able to return to equilibrium.

Avoid Making Mistakes Of Intellect

In Charaka Samhita, written by Charaka the Father of Ayurveda, we are instructed that the causes of any mental and physical disease are three-fold – overuse, underuse, or abuse of time, actions, and objects of sense organs. Often, we are not aware of our bodies’ adaptation to the environment, causing us to make repeated mistakes of intellect.

Through Yoga, or any form of practice that focus on developing inner awareness, we can be more sensitive to even the small Vikriti (imbalances) and make steps to rectify them before they burgeon into diseases. This is why an understanding of our Prakriti, coupled with a keen awareness of your thoughts, body and actions is essential to good health.


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